Saturday, April 18, 2009

50 K Promises to play in Cherating!

Yes you didnt read it wrong. After a long hiatus, 50 K Promises is back into action promising the crowd one hell of fuzz-pop-geek rock experience. The gig is organized by the cool kids under the name of Human First Collective together with helping hands of 41+9 Records, Green Peace Distro and Corerockmoon Records. It was Aniq of Corerockmoon Records who contacted me telling 50 K Promises is invited to play in this upcoming gig. Well, the band had never jammed together for as long as I can remember and I could not give him any promises (no pun intended) especially with Kay who just recently blessed with a beautiful daughter, Yusri being so busy making his trips between Bangi - Kuala Terengganu and Nazri who nowhere can be found. I'm not that hopeful that the band would ever can make it but still, Aniq stressed that the kids would love to see 50 K Promises on the stage.

So, I call all the knights of the round table, twisting some tongue in the process and bump, we gonna play. Ujay will be hitting the drums, Nazri will provide the groovy bass, Yusri gonna melt every girl heart and both Kay and me on the guitars. Yes, the whole deal. Maybe even Awang of Dullydog gonna jumps in keyboards for us. So guys, come join the party. With Kuchalana, DEP, Dakootyroaches, Kasih Sayang and many more on the bill, this gonna be so fun. So bring your friends and sweetheart, let's get partyyyyy!!!!!!!


Mince4AM said...

lets get P.A.T.I

Nervhous Records said...

coolness madnesss boss!!

kinto said...

finally,my most highly anticipated wait..50k Promises comeback!awang on keyboard?this I gotta see!! It's like watching Ozma in Cherating..hahahah

DEP said...

Yes. I'm looking forward to see 50K Promises in action. :)


Eezmo said...

hehehe.. dah lame giler dok 50 k promises dok jamm.. dekat nok 3 tahun doh.. huhu..

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