Sunday, April 26, 2009


clockwise: Awang, Idah, Yo and Izhan

Cool? Well, this is the band's photo we gonna use for the tribute's project. I plan to do something that look old 80s era pic and I guess we did pulled it off. Hell, we really looked like 80's hair band. Even the song we did was arranged and recorded in vein of that era. And I really love the way it was done. Perhaps you guys should check it out. I still considering of appearing on the comp. as some other side project rather than using the band's name as I am the only one from Sleepyjeremy involves in this.

Well, maybe I'm gonna start a project band here in Kuala Terengganu. Anyone interested? That should be fun aight!


mYpRecious said...

koya pelik gambo.. huhu

Cursive said...

awang ganah sekali aku rase..

huhu.. tahniah laa ye encik izhang.. hehe

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